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The Blog

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Meet our December partner charity, The Birthday Party Project

Zoey Bloom

the birthday project.jpg

The Birthday Party Project hosts monthly birthday parties at homeless and transitional living facilities. They provide birthday enthusiasts (volunteers) who help throw a themed party for all the kids celebrating a birthday that month, complete with games, activities, cupcakes, favor bags, gifts for the birthday child, and FUN!

What started in 2012 as an idea to throw monthly birthday parties for the unsheltered and uncelebrated has grown to be so much more. As The Birthday Party Project expanded, they realized that they were not only creating magic moments for homeless children, but they were also creating a sense of normalcy for children in crisis, serving children with extreme social and emotional trauma, and helping form family bonds and create new memories in the midst of turmoil.

Through The Birthday Party Project, volunteers have gained the opportunity to add an invaluable and positive experience to these children's circumstances. They allow kids to dream big! They believe that their monthly celebrations are more than just a party; they are a loud exclamation point that children matter, that joy can come out of any circumstance, and a joyful community can transform our society.

Through December, $5 of every watch purchase will be donated to help support all the birthday parties that are to come. Learn more about TBPP and how you can further get involved at