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The Blog

The Blog

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Meet our September charity beneficiary, charity: water

Amy Mokris

We are thrilled to support charity: water during their 10 year anniversary celebration this September!

By working with local experts and community members to find the best sustainable solution in each area they work, charity: water uses resources ranging from wells, piped systems, BioSand Filters, and systems for harvesting rainwater to deliver clean water solutions around the world. With every water point they fund, their partners coordinate sanitation and hygiene training and establish a local Water Committee to help keep water flowing for years to come. 

When clean water becomes accessible, community members’ health improves, access to food increases, the local economy grows and children are able to spend more time in school. 

This month, Le Coeur will donate $5 per watch sold, and 100% of every dollar given from your purchase will help bring clean water to people in need. Visit to learn more about how your purchase helps and ways to get further involved.

Feel-Good Shopping: Why to Buy from Brands that Give Back

Amy Mokris

In today's global economy, 94% of consumers think that businesses should give back. Buyers are more likely to reward and feel connected to brands that give back to their communities through charitable donations and socially-conscious initiatives. 

Aside from answering to consumer demand, why else should brands support economic and social causes, and why should you buy from them?

We've listed our top 5 favorite reasons below!

1. It empowers the consumer to make socially responsible decisions on their terms

By investing resources in brands that give back, the consumer is able to combine generosity with convenience and support brands they not only feel most connected to, but the ones that also support causes they most identify with. How can you express who you are by using your spending power to support causes that matter most to you? 

Photo via TOMS.

Photo via TOMS.

2. The One-for-One model and empowerment of others

Brands like Two Penny Blue, TOMS and Warby Parker employ the One-for-One model, providing those in need with resources and accessibility to everyday items for every one item that you purchase.

For instance, for every jacket purchased at Two Penny Blue, a school uniform is donated to a girl in need in Africa – opening the door to her education, increasing her self-esteem and providing the opportunity for a brighter future. Without such help, millions of girls are often denied the opportunity to attend school simply because they can't afford a uniform. By empowering those in need and enabling them with the resources necessary to live their best lives, the whole world changes. 

Photo via Two Penny Blue

Photo via Two Penny Blue

"Luxury is being empowered to make a responsible decision."

4. Employment for Change

Brands like The Giving Keys employ those affected by homelessness, creating jobs in the U.S. and providing management and leadership opportunities in a safe and collaborative environment. By buying from brands that meaningfully hire, you support businesses that are restructuring the employment model and paving ways for those in tough places to bounce back.

Photo via The Giving Keys

Photo via The Giving Keys

4. Businesses can drive change and positively impact global issues with a range of resources

Businesses have a range of resources at their disposal. Whether it's economic development, environmental issues, human rights, poverty and hunger, or education and health, brands can positively impact global issues by incorporating a philanthropic approach into their core business structure to help drive real, impactful change. 

5. Frankly, it's cool.

More than 80% of millenials expect companies to make a public commitment to good corporate citizenship, according to Horizon Media’s Finger on the Pulse study. We see it all around us – a shift towards green, eco-friendly, organic, sustainable, and charitable. It is increasingly becoming ‘cool’ to do good, to be aware, and to give back.

This July, we are proud to support Chicago's own Anti-Cruelty Society in an effort to help more animals find loving forever homes. Learn more about how your watch purchase helps via our Charities page.

Join us at the Two Penny Blue Flagship & Design Studio on Saturday, July 9th!

From 11a-5p, we'll be offering Le Coeur customers a free secondary watch strap of your choosing (a $55 retail value) with each purchase. Mimosas and treats will be provided in the 2PB courtyard at 3728 North Southport in Chicago. Learn more about out pop-up here. Can't wait to see you!

Meet our July Charity, the Anti-Cruelty Society

Amy Mokris

This July, we are proud to support Chicago's own Anti-Cruelty Society in an effort to help more animals find loving forever homes. 

As Chicago’s oldest and largest animal welfare organization, the non-profit is building a community of caring by helping pets and educating people. By providing an open door to any animal in need 365 days a year, the Anti-Cruelty Society saves our furry friends from cruelty and abuse while transitioning them to loving forever homes.

This July, your individual watch purchase sends $5 back to the Anti-Cruelty Society and helps animals most in need. Your donation further supports the non-profit's animal and humane education program, adoption capabilities, community outreach strategies and much more.

Click their logo above or visit to learn more about how your purchase helps and get further involved.

Meet our May Charity, Common Threads

Amy Mokris

This month we are proud to donate 10% of proceeds in support of the amazing work of Common Threads, an organization that is "picking up pots and pans" to fight the obesity crisis and hunger paradox on the front line: in kitchens of low-income, urban communities across America.

Common Threads delivers culturally-relevant cooking and nutrition curriculum for kids in underserved schools and communities that results in life-long healthy eating habits. Founded in Chicago in 2003, the non-profit served over 21,000 students and adults in Chicago during the 2014-2015 school year. Their vision to prevent childhood obesity expands far beyond Chicago into other cities around the country including Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, New York City, Austin, Jacksonville and New Orleans.

Common Threads has the power to change lives by sharing the delight of cooking and delicious recipes, in conjunction with practical life-skills in health and nutrition. Through a family-centric, hands-on model with proven results, Common Threads empowers children to eat healthy, make sustainable behavior changes, and celebrate culture through food.

Click their logo or visit to learn more about how your purchase helps.

Meet our March Charity!

Amy Mokris


Every Le Coeur purchase helps charities in need both locally and worldwide. We believe that with every watch sold, we have the opportunity to create and implement positive and lasting change in our own communities and far beyond.

This March we are thrilled to partner with Do You See What I See? and donate 10% of proceeds to help create future leaders in women who are positively impacting their communities and creating sustainable positive change.

Education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle and changing the world. Through providing access to higher education, Do You See What I See? hopes that young women will emerge as leaders in their communities. By using their knowledge and the training they have gathered in school, these young women will act as powerful change agents in their own communities and beyond.

By helping one woman gain an education, we can help hundreds around her and never let poverty stop potential again. 

Click their logo or visit to learn more about how your purchase helps.