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The Blog

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Meet Chicago photographer, Estevansta

Zoey Bloom

On the blog today, we're talking with our photographer friend Estevan Cruz. This Chicago local is a full-time student and wedding photographer, specializing in engagements, family portraits, and lifestyle images.

Le Coeur: Who inspires your work?

Estevan: My friends inspire my work mostly! All my friends are so talented and every one of them inspire me to do everything i do whether its take pictures, work out, dance or just be a positive influence to others. Crazy thing is that I met most of my closest friends through Instagram and my photography! Here's a list of my favorite photographers, bloggers, dancers and overall favorite people that I've met and befriended: Jeanne Grey (@thegreylayers), Joel Tucker (@joelttucker), Juan Riesco (@juanyworldwide), Maricel Cruz (@maricelcruzphoto), Anthony Trevino (@trevinoanthony), Nicole Mejia (@nicole_mejia), Justine Cuenco (@cococuenco), JP Quindara (@jpquindara), Shaun Baluyot (@shaun.baluyot), and Megan Batoon (@meganbatoon).

LC: How do you spend your free time?

Estevan: Free time is something I barely have during the school year or even in-general, but when I can I love to skateboard, hike, and spend ridiculous amounts of time at coffee houses!

LC: What are your favorite spots in your city?

Estevan: My favorite places to be in Chicago are Nini’s Deli (my all time favorite place to be, you'll see me there guaranteed every week), Lincoln Park Conservatory, and Lake Shore. 

Le Coeur Estevan8.jpg

LC: What are some of your hobbies?

Estevan: I have a lot of hobbies that I can barely keep up with but I still skateboard, play drums, guitar and breakdance!

LC: What is your favorite Le Coeur timepiece and why?

Estevan: Currently I'm in love with the Toronto timepiece, the leather quality of the black strap is amazing and the silver face is essential to any outfit! But I have to get my hands on the Chicago chronograph timepiece!

Connect with Estevan on Instagram.

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Meet Chicago Photographer, Evan Sheehan

Mandy Lancia

Today OTB we're chatting with Chicago-based photographer, Evan Sheehan. We're constantly blown away by the imagery he creates in our hometown, uniquely capturing the city and scenes that make Chicago so vibrant and dynamic. Read on as we chat with Evan about where he most loves to shoot, and how he finds the time and space to create for himself.

What's the low-down with shooting in Chicago?  I love shooting in Chicago because the community here is incredibly supportive and collaborative. The people around me are my biggest source of inspiration. I love working with my friends and creating things together that we're all proud of.  As touristy as it is, I like shooting in Millennium Park; the Jay Pritzker Pavillion has some really nice, minimal spots to shoot.

What were your first experiences with photography? I started with video back in high school while taking a video media course that used DSLR cameras. I started shooting more photos than video and have been shooting ever since.

What does your day-to-day look like, and how do you find the space to create for yourself?  I shoot for brands during the workweek, so I really value the free time I have to create work for myself. I also try to travel as much as my job allows. I think seeing new places is one of the best ways to feel creatively refreshed. I really enjoy biking and just spending time in nature not taking photos as well. It's super helpful and mind-clearing.

What's your shooting style?  I would describe my style as calculated and planned. The majority of what I shoot is set up and posed. I have a huge appreciation of people that are able to capture real moments in real time though and have always been envious of photographers with that ability. 

Connect with Evan on Instagram and at