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The Blog

The Blog

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Behind The Scenes: Watch Box Production

Amy Mokris

We spent this Friday touring and filming the space of our amazing Chicagoland packaging supplier, Elegant Packaging, as they foil stamp, deboss and wrap our watch boxes! We are so excited to see the final pieces on Monday and Tuesday before we ship all preorders.

A huge thanks goes to Maggie and Ricky, our boxing experts who are always so welcoming and helpful.

Sneak a peek at production below!

Sneak Peak: Le Coeur Watch Box Samples

Amy Mokris

We are so amped to get the first round of our watch boxes delivered! As you know and we're learning, the design and sourcing process is a lengthy but worthwhile one and we are so excited for production to slowly but surely be coming together. Sneak a peak of the first of our watch box proofs below and feel free to leave a comment with what you think!

Shop the shots: our white and black matte Tokyo is pictured in all images.