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The Blog

The Blog

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The Sound: London

Zoey Bloom

Click play in our Spotify block above to enjoy our London-inspired playlist, featuring a carefully selected mix of songs about the city and tunes from artists that call London their home.

  1. This Is London // The Airborne Toxic Event
  2. London Calling // The Clash
  3. North Atlantic Ocean // True Adventures
  4. Back to Black // Amy Winehouse
  5. English House // Fleet Foxes
  6. London, After The Rain // High Highs
  7. Home // Islandis
  8. West End Girls // Pet Shop Boys
  9. England // The National
  10. English Girls Approximately // Ryan Adams
  11. Should I Stay Or Should I Go // The Clash
  12. London Bridge // Fergie
  13. The City // Ed Sheeran
  14. Last Train To London // Electric Light Orchestra
  15. England Skies // Shake Shake Go
  16. Cemeteries of London // Coldplay
  17. London By Night // Frank Sinatra
  18. English Rose // Ed Sheeran
  19. Think Of England // Bear's Den
  20. The City // The 1975