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The Blog

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Meet Chicago Dancer and Fashion Blogger, Dani McGowan

Amy Mokris

Mermaid Waves_15.jpg

Who is Mermaid Waves? I'm Dani McGowan, from Chicago.  I am a professional dancer and fashion blogger.

What inspires your work? I am so blessed to live in a city where I am constantly inspired by art and street style all around me. I have also always been inspired by high fashion and haute couture; I love recreating looks and stealing styling tips to make high fashion more accessible. 

What does Mermaid Waves do for fun? Free time is not really my thing. I love being busy and working on my latest project. When I do have a free moment I am almost always drinking a cup of tea, taking selfies, and eating something fabulous. To me time is not to be wasted. I am always writing lists, adding to my calendar, and making the most of every moment. 

How would you describe your favorite type of style? My fashion style would best be described as street-style chic. I think fashion should be fun, loud, and totally unique to each individual.  I proudly follow trends and I am always down to try out the latest look. 

Do you have any hobbies? Things you do that feel completely separate from your work? Dance is definitely more than a hobby for me but it is still a complete escape from my fashion blogging and social media side.  There is nowhere I feel more at peace than in a dance studio. 

Mermaid Waves_6.jpg

Favorite spots in Chicago? Go! Antique Taco, The Allis, and Garfield Park Conservatory. 

Connect with Dani on Instagram and at MermaidWaves.Co

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