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The Blog

The Blog

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Meet Parisian models and UN Human Rights Defenders, Maria and Pierrick

Amy Mokris

While in Paris, we caught up with the Maria and Pierrick, talented models and human rights defenders for the UN. Not only did they style a few looks with our timepieces, but they also shared some thoughts on the power of creation and the need for government to encourage artistic expression and freedom of speech. Catch more from our photoshoot below.

Art is a reflection of the state of the world. To kill or stifle the funding of the arts, is to deprive the people of their only means of expression.
The art of creating is powerful. It serves a purpose; it develops the mind and improves the human soul.
Freedom of speech and artistic expression connected man to man; it makes all of your ideas, thoughts and dreams a concrete reality. In so many ways, it’s a reflection of the soul.

Shop the looks:

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Meet Oregon Fashion Blogger, Olivia Corin

Mandy Lancia

Today, we're sitting down and catching up with Olivia Corin of Silver Lining Fashion and chatting about the inspiration behind her blogging, sense for personal style and passion for social justice.

The idea that there is only one type of beauty, and only one way to present ourselves, is simply not true. If we can learn to respect ourselves, and learn to love our unique beauty, others will respect us too...The things we go through, and the flaws we see, do not define us.
Past experiences do not pave the road for our future, but merely create new doors to be opened...We all are different, but no matter what you love, what your passion is, or what you are doing, we should all have a common goal. Love, respect, and understanding.
I want to one day mentor young girls into becoming women with drive, respect, and a heart to help people through whatever passion they may have. I would love to be able to live in New York and start a foundation for women.
Along with fashion, I would say that music is at the same level of importance to me. I spend a lot of my time listening to new music, imagining auditioning for Broadway, and singing everything at all times.
I strive to have classiness be my guide in all things fashion, and a chic edginess to be the rest.


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Meet Washington DC Photographer and Stylist, Antonio Dillard

Mandy Lancia

Taking over our blog today is Washington DC's Antonio Dillard. Popularly known for his work, deserted in urban, the content creator, photographer, stylist and dancer travels between New York and Los Angeles, seamlessly capturing minimalism and simplicity in his photography and styling.

I'm inspired by the littlest details and seeing things outside the box. Inspiration comes from the heart, so when I see other creative's passionate about their art it drives me to perfect my own craft. I spend more time often dreaming about how I can impact the world and make my dreams a reality.

In 5 years, I'd like to own my own store. It would be a conjunction of different offerings where creatives can meet, sell their products, collaborate, and do business while also pushing the movement of our ideas across the world.

Cape Town has become one of my favorites [Le Coeur timepieces] because it goes with any outfit for any situation; I wear it so much I almost forget I have it on.

I would describe my style as urban minimalism with abstract pieces that bring simplicity to a comfortable look, while still having that edge. It doesn't get any better than expressing one's self through art or style; people get to visually witness who you are.

Explore more of Antonio's work on Instagram.

Media Feature: Thank you The Everygirl!

Amy Mokris

Our girlboss friends over at The Everygirl, the ultimate online resource helping shape the creative, career-driven woman to experience her life better lived, included us in their 2015 Holiday Gift Guide featuring picks for The Trendsetters in your life!

Thank you so much to The Everygirl! Take a peek at our feature below and click the photo to access the whole guide.