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The Blog

The Blog

Meet Parisian models and UN Human Rights Defenders, Maria and Pierrick

Amy Mokris

While in Paris, we caught up with the Maria and Pierrick, talented models and human rights defenders for the UN. Not only did they style a few looks with our timepieces, but they also shared some thoughts on the power of creation and the need for government to encourage artistic expression and freedom of speech. Catch more from our photoshoot below.

Art is a reflection of the state of the world. To kill or stifle the funding of the arts, is to deprive the people of their only means of expression.
The art of creating is powerful. It serves a purpose; it develops the mind and improves the human soul.
Freedom of speech and artistic expression connected man to man; it makes all of your ideas, thoughts and dreams a concrete reality. In so many ways, it’s a reflection of the soul.

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