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Meet Chicago Music Producer and DJ, Junar

The Blog

The Blog

Meet Chicago Music Producer and DJ, Junar

Mandy Lancia

Taking over our blog today is Chicago native, Junar. The music producer, DJ, stylist and artist shares the motivation behind his work, how he manages to balance it all and the ways that spending time on the things that matter will always push your work forward. 

I enjoy being as productive as possible, whether it’s working on music, making art — generally anything that involves me getting something done that will benefit my future regardless if it’s long or short term. I try to spend as much time with family and friends, to me it’s important to have everything balanced.
The world without art would be a very boring place. I really like helping people out, and one simple thing can make a big difference. Choosing someone’s outfit can make someone feel beautiful. This life we live can be challenging... Knowing there’s something I can do for someone to help makes my day.
We can’t grow without struggling. If we had everything we wanted there would be no point in living. One of my main goals in life is to travel the world and help underserved countries.
There’s so much to learn out there. It’s interesting to see the way people live and how different places are. This world is a beautiful place and we only have one shot. Why not spend time experiencing something you’ll never forget?
Work hard and stay true to your path. One day you’ll see the setbacks you experience are giant leaps forward that maybe you couldn’t see within the bigger picture at the time. You’ll truly realize how much you have the day you start paying attention to what really matters. If you follow your heart, you will never fail.


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