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zoey, marketing and sales

Favorite Le Coeur:  Milan

Favorite way to spend your time: Sitting around a table with good friends, laughing and telling stories for hours over a delicious dinner and lots of wine.

Favorite place to spend your time: Either on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the Côte d'Azur, or in the Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris.

Favorite part of your day: Relaxing at home after work by cooking dinner for myself as I listen to a podcast or watch a TV show on Netflix.

Favorite part of what you do: My favorite part of working in marketing is designing creative content for our blog, like our mood boards, playlists, and city guides. 

Why I Love Le Coeur: This company helped me realize that I was creative and gave me an outlet to pursue that side of myself in a way that I never had before. Le Coeur always encourages me to create content that I am passionate about, and it always empowers me to try new things that I'm interested in learning more about. I've met so many inspiring people through this company and I've grown so much while working with this team of incredible women.

deanna, brand experience

Favorite Le Coeur: I'd have to say the Mykonos-- I didn't know if I could pull off that color, but seeing the blue watch face IRL blew me away. It is SO beautiful! I wear it every day now!

Favorite way to spend your time: Embroidering in coffee shops (cough, the 606 Ipsento, cough cough) and watching dogs pass by the window. Well, that or roadtripping with my husband-- nothing beats that.

Favorite place to spend your time: I want to be cool and say something trendy, but honestly my favorite place is my apartment in Humboldt Park. It comes with unlimited tea, a big tropical plant, and no bathroom key.

Favorite part of your day:  The morning for sure! I'd say 7-8 am is the sweet spot. 

Favorite part of what you do: My favorite part of what I do is having the ability to dream big dreams and make them happen. Working at LC fans my creative flames (for better or for worse!) and leaves me with a very naive ambition. It's terrifying and brilliant.

How does travel inspire your work? I always scheme to fit vacations (no matter how mini) into my schedule. Travel is helps me shift my perspective, and it helps give me a fresh lens to then embody in my work. My most recent destination was Lima, Peru, and now I'm dying to go back to South America. How did we not detour to the Galapagos Islands?!

Where do you find inspiration? I find inspo from the current Chicago renaissance! People are hustling, but also making a positive difference, and I want to match that. It's the competition that comes out of innovation that makes me push hard to execute the vision I have. I'm excited to see what the next 10 years will look in terms of art, music, and fashion.


Amy, founder and creative director

Favorite Le Coeur: Almost impossible to choose! If I must, Chicago.

Favorite way to spend your time: Creating indoors; exploring outdoors; with my family and friends anywhere.

Favorite place to spend your time: Somewhere between Chicago and Paris.

How does travel inspire your work? I've always felt that no matter where I've traveled, the individuals I'd meet really weren't all that different from me. Our commonalities far outweigh our differences, and I love feeling connected to people who, had I never traveled, would have felt very far away from my own reality otherwise.

Where do you find inspiration? Travel and art of any kind -- painting, poetry, music. Exploring, and getting out of my own routine. I'm an emotional person by nature. Anything creative in nature will move me and get me thinking -- first is inspiration, then creation, then strategy for me.

Favorite part of your day: Early morning coffee, late night jams.

Favorite part of what you do: Creating every day with no limitation, having the ability to give back to our partners who are making a radically positive impact in our world, and getting to work with the people I respect and admire most.