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Your purchase serves a purpose. Now when you check out with Le Coeur, you select where your charitable donation creates a positive impact in the world.  From immigrant justice and environmental reform, to world hunger and animal adoption services, the influence of your investment does not stop here.

Read on to learn how your watch purchase helps to serve the greatest needs of our current partner charities through June 2017:

PAWS Chicago is building a No Kill Chicago with a mission to end the overpopulation of homeless animals. Setting higher standards in the way animals are treated, PAWS Chicago has developed an educational and sustainable solutions-based model that positively transforms animal welfare. Select PAWS Chicago at checkout to direct 5% of profits from your purchase to PAWS Chicago's adoption services and No Kill mission.


Since 1989, Trees for the Future has demonstrated the transformative power of trees in helping people break out of the poverty trap while also addressing the global environment. Today, their work in East and West Africa is helping build a world where people can leave a legacy of opportunity through sustainable practices and productive lands for future generations. Select TFTF at checkout to support farmers in the developing world and plant 10 trees for every timepiece purchased. 


AI Justice protects and promotes the basic human rights of immigrants through a unique combination of free direct services, impact litigation, policy reform and public education. Their vision is to bring about an American society where immigrants are not subjected to abuse or injustice and have their contributions valued and encouraged. Select AI Justice at checkout to direct 5% of profits from your purchase to help support immigrant rights.

The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. Based on an innovative, holistic approach, their programs empower women and men living in rural villages to become the agents of their own development and make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty. Select The Hunger Project at checkout to direct 5% of profits from your purchase to The Hunger Project’s mission to end worldwide hunger.

Meet more of our amazing partner charities:

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